Weave Deck

Weaving and felting projects and workshops.

Weave Deck is a springboard to learn the art of weaving and felting.
Fun workshops that unlock endless creative possibilities!
Explore our guided projects and create stunning gifts for yourself or your loved ones.
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Next Event: Postponed for several months while I build a new studio!

Watch this space – or send my an enquiry and I will get back to you when I am ready for workshops. Thank you for your patience.


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    How it works

    In the studio : Spots are limited. 
    A maximum of 6 people to a workshop.
    Advanced registration is required – email me: hello at weavedeck.com

    testimonials :

    This is a lovely way to spend some time. Very relaxing and therapeutic.learning to weave is addictive! Jane is a fabulous teacher and so patient. The workshop is roomy and airy with lots of yarn to choose from. Thorough enjoyable and highly recommended.

    Andrea R / Student

    Jane’s teaching is very relaxed and informal. Very therapeutic. The weaving was very easy and such a relaxing way to spend an afternoon or morning.

    Carol / Student

    Fantastic teacher and facilities. Brilliant day with friends.I had a fantastic time at one of the half day workshops with some girlfriends. Jane is an incredibly skilled artist whose passion for weaving is infectious! None of us had experience in weaving but with Jane’s support we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and made some beautiful creations! I’ll definitely be coming back.

    Jeni / Student

    I took this weaving workshop with my 2 grown up daughters. We were all completely transfixed for hours. Jane is a great teacher and we all felt so comfortable and relaxed learning a totally new skill.

    We were all really happy with the pieces we created. Definitely recommended!

    Jess / Student

    What a great afternoon spent with Jane learning the basics of weaving – so many colours to choose from, almost too much choice – and so many techniques to try with.

    Tamsyn / Student

    I never thought I could love it as much as I did! It was fabulous to be creative and the way Jane teaches it makes it so easy to learn! Can’t wait to go back.

    Sonia / Student

    Jane is a fantastic teacher, she gives clear and simple instruction, bringing to light individual creativity. She is motivating, fun and I’d highly recommend her inspirational tuition.

    Kate E / Student

    Well I’ve had many tutors over years with different subjects.  For me Jane is such a lovely teacher.  When you have a problem, you chat with her & she will say, have you tried it this way, or that way, then you  feel silly, as you did not think of doing it like that.  She never makes you feel at a loss.

    She gives confidence, & it works. My progress was immense. 

    George Saffin / Student

    Creative Bliss – If you are hunting for a way to express yourself creatively then look no further! A great alternative to a beach day for holiday makers!  Jane teaches in a very relaxed cool setting and the small class sizes made it so easy to learn. Choose the colours that speak to you and you’ll be whizzing along in no time making your own piece of art! Such a great way to spend the day. Jane is a teacher that exudes great calm energy. Even my errors didn’t faze her! I’m certain you won’t regret taking this workshop!

    Tosca / Student

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    Jane Rodenburg

    Fibre Artist & Founder

    A Passion for Fiber

    “I have a deep love for working with fiber – the vibrant colours, rich textures, and endless possibilities it offers as a medium.

    But it’s not just about the art; it’s also about the profound sense of peace and tranquility that comes from the creative process.

    As I work with my hands, my worries fade away, and I find true inner peace.

    My mission is to share this pure joy with others, allowing anyone to experience the magic of creating with fibre.

    Through Weave Deck sessions, I aim to inspire and empower individuals to unlock their creativity and find their own moments of serenity.”